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In defence of Joel


Please don’t hate me! I like Joel. I’m totally fine with people thinking differently and not liking him. I’ve kept pretty quiet about this because I know that most people don’t like Joel. We all know Zade will get together in the end … right? But this post is for anyone else who actually kinda likes Joel.


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adixiebelle asked: Remember in middle school when AB had a crush on Wade. That did not go well ...

Oh that was one crazy time.

Lemon was still friends with Wade and George but she knew how much trouble Wade always caused and thought AB desevered better. She took her best friend shopping and make it look like a coincedence that Brendan from their school was there too. She send them or ice cream and disappeared a little later, saying her little sister was sick.

AB did like the afternoon with Brendan but she still thought Wade was great.

So Lemon tried to make him look bad all the time which caused a lot of trouble with the teachers and parents.

When she made it look like Wade destroyed AB’s school project she wasn’t so interested anymore. Lemon helped her rebuilding the project then.

Only a few years later AB heared the truth. But she was already with Jake so she just laughed it off.